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Preparing For Your Family Session

Having a hard time deciding what to wear? This is the information you may be looking for! Please understand that these are merely suggestions and are by NO MEANS required! Some people are very in tuned with the latest fashion trends, and need no advice! Others, myself included, need a little direction! If that is you, read on :)
What to wear: 

Families and couples should wear something similar but not too "matchy matchy". For example, everyone in the exact same color (i.e. white t shirt and jeans) sometimes distracts from the subject of the photos, YOU! Try wearing several shades of the same colors (light blues with dark blues etc) or maybe complementary tones (jewel tones, pastels etc). Small prints are a better option than large, unless you are going for a bolder look. If you have any concerns, the plain white shirt and khaki's may be easier, but at least consider some variety for more natural looking photographs.

My favorite inspiration website is here: What to Wear Guides

Hair, Hands, and Toes!

Picky photographers will tell you, a bad manicure can ruin an otherwise fantastic photo. Same goes for hair and makeup.

If you are a wild and crazy kind of person, then show it off! Bring those loud colors and funky hairstyles, along with a great attitude and we'll have a great shoot!


If you are more casual and prefer a more timeless look, then I suggest casual hair, makeup and nails. If you have bare feet, make sure toes look clean and neat. Hair looks best down, but windy days are common, so bring hair ties, clips, etc just in case!

For a little fun..a good example of what NOT to do can always be found at one of my favorite websites: Awkward Family Photos


There are two schools of thought on jewelry in a portrait. Simple is always timeless, but you can also choose one or two classy "trends" and remain true to the era your photograph was taken.

A good rule of thumb for jewelry is that big and bold pieces should be paired with simple clothing and big and bold clothing should be paired with simple jewelry. If your top has a intricate neckline, consider wearing bolder earrings or a bracelet and forego the necklace. On the other hand, if you have a more simple top, wear a bold necklace with smaller earrings to make a statement.

Scarves, belts, etc are really a personal preference. Simple tops with bold colorful scarves are fun, and removable if they just aren't working.